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“Dholwale”, which got established 35 years ago, is one of the most sought after, professionally run Punjabi Dhol organization in Bangalore. Our group of musicians are masters in their work and works in perfect sync with the clients. “Dholwale” is one the most prominent Professional Dhol Players with sound expertise in Punjabi Dhol Players and Dhol Players for Weddings in Bangalore. We stay loyal to our roots, and have gone on to win huge popularity cutting across various boundaries. Professional Dhol Players, we offer a wide range of service starting from Dhol players for weddings, Punjabi Dhol Players and many more.


With us, you feel like you are at home. Every moment with us is embodied with happiness and joy. We are the culmination of tradition, rhythm and artistic brilliance. Punjabi Dhol traditionally comes with a mood of delight and expression. We, as a premium organization and professional Dhol players occupy a humongous stature in the Dhol Players sector in Bangalore. Depending of the requirement and needs of our clients, we adjust ourself and take utmost care to meet client's desire and expectations. As our band was growing in popularity, 15 years ago we started performing in Bangalore and extended our musical journey. We are a team of 100 -150 artists who are highly talented and passionate about their work.


Started our musical journey 35 years ago, we showcased our skills all around Mumbai, Goa and Pune and is widely considered as one the best. It's the support and encourage of our clients, which made us stand out Dhol Players in Bangalore in the course of the last one and half decades. With experience comes excellence and with us you can find it both in plenty. Skilled Dhol Players with clear artistic sense is what makes Dholwale a perfect choice for clients from every spectrum of the society. Offered at a reasonable cost, our Wedding Style Dhol Player and Dhol players for Wedding Ceremony will be a real treat on your special day.


Typically, Dhol is played using a couple wooden sticks, which is generally made of bamboo and stick wood. Using these sticks is played on the bass side of the instrument, which is known as the dagga in Punjabi. Dagga is thick and is twisted in a quarter-round bend on the end that strikes the instrument. The other stick, which is known as tihli, in regard is much more slender and adaptable. It is used to play the higher note end of the instrument and it takes the entire environment to the next level.With a cumulative experience of close to four decades, we have foreseen numerous changes in the industry.


Our willingness to adapt and quest to innovate is what made us survive through the years and made us a household name in The Dhol Players industry. With all the humility, we are proud to say that “Dholwale” is one the standout Professional Dhol Players with supreme excellence in Punjabi Dhol Players and Dhol Players for Weddings in Bangalore.


Looking for #DholPlayers for #Navarathri or #Dussera...??? Then you are at right place.!We at Dhol Players Bangalore offers all Dhol performances for Dussera and other festivals too. Book Dhol players today at http://www.punjabidholwale.com/.


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