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Established 35 years ago, “Dholwale” is a well-known group of musicians in Bangalore. We are specialsed in Punjabi Dhol, Punjabi Bhangra, Rajhasthani Ghoomar dance, Rajhasthani Dhol, Dandiya group, Rajhasthani Puppet show, Rajhasthai Folk dance, Wedding band. A very recognizable organization, we have made our presence felt as Punjabi Dhol players in Bangalore throughout the years. Our Punjabi Dhol for weddings is the perfect cherry for the special day.

We started our musical journey 35 years ago, showcased our skills all around Mumbai, Goa and Pune before extending our services in Bangalore. With high performance, effective working and timely execution of our services, we have earned goodwill over the years. We started performing in Bangalore 15 years ago and is a prominent figure in Panjabi Dhol players and other popular dance forms.We are a team of 100 -150 artists who are highly skilled and experienced in their work.

Our team over the years has successfully cultivated the artistic skills which in turn are a part of their daily routine. Every moment with us is embodied with happiness and joy. We are the culmination of tradition, rhythm and artistic brilliance.We have a team of Dhol professionals, which performs both western as well as traditional music for our clients depending upon their mood and theme of the occasion. Our talented and highly experienced Dhol players makes Punjabi Dholwale a perfect choice for clients from every spectrum of the society for any occasions.

What sets us apart is the authenticity we keep throughout our perforce. Improvising with the changing trends and still be rooted in the tradition is the trademark of Dholwale. Our satisfied clients, range from the smallest company to the largest one, and also the large, multinational corporate, With a deep rooted philosophy which is built on staying loyal to our roots. We are providing services at your doorsteps, each corporate professional or a businessman can really enjoy in their lives. We provide a variety of services at reasonable rates, is one of the feature that draws us large number of customers.

Whether weddings, receptions, baraats, functions, birthdays, festivals, garbas, parties, concerts, events or any other celebrations, we promise you to provide the best services. We are known to play all types of Punjabi and Rajasthani hits that set the floor dancing.Our willingness to adapt and quest to innovate is what made us survive through the years. With all the humility, we are proud to say that “Dholwale” is one the standout Professional Dhol Players with supreme excellence in Punjabi Dhol Players and Dhol Players for Weddings in Bangalore.

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With us, happiness is unlimited. And we do it in many ways.

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Rajasthani Dhol

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Rajasthani Folk Dance

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